Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Aston Resident Stephen T. Bell Found a Special Niche at Neumann University

Stephen T. Bell

Aston resident Stephen T. Bell serves as executive director of marketing and communications at Neumann University.

By Loretta Rodgers

As executive director of marketing and communications at Neumann University, Aston resident Stephen Bell has been given the opportunity to meet, interview and work with very interesting individuals of diverse backgrounds.

But, he contends without hesitation that it is the people with whom he works day in and day out, that he finds to be the most interesting of all.

“I love that I work in higher education,” Bell said. “It is a very worthwhile and I have never once had second thoughts about the value of the services I’m promoting here at Neumann. The people with whom I work are simply the best of the best. My staff is dedicated and intelligent, and they have a great sense of humor. I could not ask for a better team.”

Bell is  graduate of Archmere Academy and received a BA in English from Boston College. He has been employed at his present position with Neumann University for 15 years and states emphatically that even though he enjoyed each of his prior jobs, it is his role at Neumann that is “most enjoyable,” and “the best fit” for him personally.

“I love being here at Neumann,” Bell said. “The Franciscan emphasis on peace, social justice and the environment fits me perfectly.”

Bell has spent his entire adult life working in the field of higher education. Prior to being hired by Neumann University, he worked at Camden County Community College, Villanova University, and the Free Library of Philadelphia.

As director of marketing and communications, Bell’s responsibilities are plentiful. He has four full-time employees and one-part time employee, and his duties include overseeing digital communications, social media, publications, media relations, and cultural programming for the university.

Bell said each semester, he is invited to make a guest appearance at a class and it never fails that he is asked what he enjoys most about his job.

“My answer never changes,” Bell smiled. “I tell the students that in this field, no two days are alike. I love what I do. Whether it’s writing copy for a post card, interviewing a staff member or student for our alumni magazine, writing a press release or creating a marketing plan, it is always new and interesting. It never gets stale. I could never sit at a desk all day. The bottom line is that I love to write, and I especially enjoy writing about anything or anybody related to Neumann University.”

Bell said 2009 and 2014 are the two years he can pinpoint as being “banner” for him at Neumann.

In 2009 Neumann College officially became Neumann University, the men’s ice hockey team captured the DIII National title, and the Mirenda Center for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development was open and dedicated.

Bell and his team were very busy that year.

“Yes, it was a banner year and it kept us busy with a smile,” Bell said.

He also spoke of 2014 and the exceptional stories that were generated by University personnel and students this year.

“I had quite the time writing the upcoming cover story for our Alumni magazine,” Bell said. “It’s titled ‘At the top of their game,’ and all of the stories are from various student accomplishments from this past spring semester. “We never had so many positive, inspirational stories of students in one semester.”

From the awarding of major summer research grants and a student being only one of 13 in the country to win a special NCAA grant, to four Neumann business teams finishing in the top 100 teams in the nation in a contest where 9,400 teams competed, and a student capturing first place in a Blue Cross video contest, the school has much of which to boast.

And that has kept Bell and is team very busy.

“It makes my day to learn of an achievement of one of our students,” said Bell. “We have so many exceptional people here.”

Bell maintains an interest in sports, especially football ad baseball. He is also the Neumann University representative to the Aston Business Association.

“I love representing Neumann in every capacity and hope to end my career here” said Bell. “Yes, the Franciscan way is certainly a good fit for me.”