Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Sewer Authority Committee

This is a long-range planning committee working closely in cooperation with its counterpart committee at the Southwest Delaware County Sewer Authority to insure that the Aston Township ratepayers receive adequate services and a fair rate structure. The committee is also responsible with the Authority for programs and ordinances that educate Aston ratepayers and foster compliance with PADEP I&I and pretreatment regulations. Additionally, the committee supports Authority in completing the process of redirecting the flow to DELCORA in accordance with the 2014 target completion date and the 537 Plan, including issues with Middletown and Brookhaven.


  • Michael J. Higgins, Chairman
  • V. Michael Fulginiti
  • Gary C. Robinson¬†

Southwest Delaware County Municipal Authority Board

Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serve five-year terms.

  • Nelson Shaffer, Chairman (Term 2012)
  • Thomas Agnew, Vice Chairman (Term 2015)
  • Thomas Cozza, Treasurer ( Term 2016)
  • Thomas Flanagan, Secretary (Term 2013)
  • Joseph McGinn, Jr. (Term2016)
  • Donald Miller (Term 2012)
  • Robert Naef (Term 2014)
  • Francis Sbandi, Solocitor (term 2012)
  • Joseph Viscuso Engineer (Term 2012)

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