Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Car Theft Prevention

 The Aston Police Department is always looking out for their residents, and with the recent spike in car theft, they would like to remind you to be careful. During the upcoming Holiday period there is likely to be more incidents of break-ins. Police Chief Dan Ruggieri has some tips to make sure that you do not become a victim of an auto break-in:


–          Make sure to always keep your car locked, no matter when or where you park.

–          Keep everything in the car out of plain sight, especially anything valuable.

–          Remove any valuable items you may have, if you can.

–          If you must keep your valuable items in your car, keep them in a locked trunk.

Aston Township Pool Safety


The heat of summer is here which means Aston pools are being used more now than any other time of the year. The Aston Code Department wants to make sure everyone is using their pools as safely and responsibly as possible. When the pool is not in use, you should make sure that all surrounding gates are closed. Another important tip is to make sure all of your ladders are in the locked position when nobody is using the pool. Perhaps the most essential detail to pay attention to is the quality of the water that is in the pool. Pool owners need to make sure that the water is properly treated, so it does not become stagnant. When pool water is not treated the correct way it creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus.  Even small pools (under 24 inches) that go in your yard should have the water changed frequently so that the water does not become stagnant.  So make sure you are careful with taking care of your pool this summer, and most importantly, have fun!

Mosquito Spraying Set for Delaware County on July 30

The Department of Environmental Protection will apply treatments the evening of Tuesday, July 30 in portions of Aston and Chester townships as well as Brookhaven Borough, Delaware County, to control adult mosquito populations. In the event of rain, the spraying will be rescheduled for Wednesday, July 31. Read more

Address Change Notice

The Aston Township Emergency Management Coordinator in conjunction with the Aston Township Board of Commissioners, Township Engineer, Chief of Police and Fire Chiefs and the United States Postal Service are continuing with our STANDARDIZED STREET NUMBERING PROGRAM designed to improve emergency response. This program has changed many Aston street addresses and has demonstrated to be effective at improving a long time issue with finding emergency scenes on certain streets.


Who: buildings on specifically chosen Aston Township streets with old and out-dated street numbering patterns (some with no pattern at all) inconsistent with standard numbering guidelines.


What: re-numbering of all affected street addresses to provide consistent, regular and standard numbering patterns


Where: currently scheduled streets include Mount Road, Convent Road, Aston Mills Road, Birney Highway, and Lewellyn Road. Other streets are also pending.


When: notification letters will be sent to all affected addresses in August, 2013. Address changes will take effect and be utilized starting September 1, 2013.


Why: to address an ACUTE LIFE SAFETY ISSUE by improving 911 emergency response speed, efficiency and accuracy to find a dispatched address during life threatening situations; to allow mail and all delivery services improved ease of finding locations; and to ease and improve planning for future growth and changes throughout the township.



• Each effected address will receive a letter explaining the program, what your current and new address will be, and the date the change will occur. You will use this letter as proof of the address change to any entity that may require proof of official change.

• The Township and USPS will notify:

o 911 center and your land-line phone company if applicable

o Delaware County, School District, and Local Tax offices

o Chester and Aqua Water Authorities

o Southwest Delaware County Sewer Authority

• Your are responsible to notify:

o All other utility providers including but not limited to electric, gas, cell phone and cable

o Your banking, credit and mortgage services

o Insurance companies

o PA Department of Transportation

o Any and all other correspondences that you may have

• The USPS will continue to deliver mail addressed to both your old and new addresses for a period of six months. After this six month transition period only your new address will be acceptable for mail delivery.

• Changing your address numbers on the front of your building as soon as possible will improve program compliance and understanding. Past experience has shown this to be the most important component to allowing emergency responders to find you during an emergency.

• NOTE: GPS services are not standardized and therefore are not able to be specifically notified. Past history with this program has revealed that the GPS services make their changes as the local area thoroughly has made the change.


Aston Recycling Effort



Environmental awareness and sustainability have become a priority in Aston, and the recycling effort is leading the way. As you can see in the chart above, community members have taken our weekly recycling much more seriously in 2013 so far and it is helping the town of Aston quite a bit. Recycling does help to bring in additional revenue but that is not the most important aspect of our “green” endeavor. Making the community a more sustainable and environment-friendly place is so beneficial to the township as a whole, but especially the Aston youth, who will go on to follow our example and also make recycling a priority. Through our recycling partner, ReCommunity, we can help uphold the high environmental standard that Aston has put into place.

Below is a comprehensive list of what is recyclable.


Aluminum food and beverage containers

aluminum soda and beer cans, cat food cans, etc.


Glass food and beverage containers

Flint (clear)

Amber (brown)

Emerald (green)



Ferrous Cans

soup, coffee cans, empty aerosol cans, etc.


P.E.T. plastic containers with the symbol #1

no microwave trays


H.D.P.E. natural plastic containers with the symbol #2

milk jugs and water jugs containers only (narrow neck containers)


H.D.P.E. pigmented plastic containers with the symbol #2

detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles without caps (narrow neck containers)


LDPE plastic food and beverage containers symbol #4

butter and margarine tubs

Polypropylene plastic food and beverage containers symbol #5

yogurt containers

Other plastic food and beverage containers symbol #7

mixed plastic containers

Cartons and aseptic packaging

Juice boxes, gable top milk and juice containers, soup and soy milk cartons


Old Newspaper (ONP)

Sunday inserts are acceptable paper.


Kraft Paper Bags


Old Corrugated Containers (OCC)

no wax coated.  Fiber board (ex. cereal boxes) is acceptable. 


Magazines (OMG)

Coated magazines, catalogs and similar printed materials, junk mail, and soft cover books.

Materials Not Accepted:

No plastic bagging material.  (News print can be placed in a Kraft bag)

Mirrors, window or auto glass, light bulbs, ceramics, any plastic containers with #3 or #6 or no # at all, paint, oil or antifreeze containers, coat hangers, fabrics and clothing, bio-hazardous waste, electronic waste, food waste, or any household items (such as toasters, cooking pots or pans, VHS/VCR tapes, etc.)