Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Business Privilege & Mercantile Tax Regulations

On April 16, 2014 the Aston Township Board of Commissioners put forth and adopted Township Resolution 2014-29 to revise the Aston Township Mercantile Tax and Business Privilege Tax Ordinances 925 & 926.

Delco Medication Drop Boxes

“Drop” prescription drugs in a safe place!
Proper disposal of unused or expired prescription drugs can save lives.

Local Drop Location
Aston Police Department

5021 Pennell Road
Aston PA 19014-1869 Read more

Aston Township StreetScape Initiative

Aston Township is planning  to construct streetscape improvements along a 0.8-mile stretch of Pennell Road (SR 0452) between Concord Road (SR 3007) and Duttons Mill Road (SR 3020).  The work will include sidewalk and curb ramp installation/improvements, pedestrian level lighting, landscaping, and landscaped center medians.  The improvements will contribute to increased mass transit ridership and economic development by creating a pedestrian-friendly environment and  connecting a variety of land uses including residential, commercial, office, institutional and recreational.  The improvements implemented along Pennell Road will serve as guidelines to implement similar improvements along Concord Road and Duttons Mill Road as future projects.

The Township is requesting funding for this project through the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).  The estimated cost for the project is $960,000, which includes a 20% match from the Township ($192,000).

Newsome Property Revitalization Project

The Newsome property is a 4-acre lot in Aston Township, Delaware County, PA that is proposed to be converted into a Township Park and improved with walking paths, picnic areas, stormwater management controls and the re-establishment of two ponds to alleviate area flooding. The property is traversed by Marcus Hook Creek, which enters the property through a storm sewer culvert, daylights through the property, then exits through a culvert that runs underneath Weir Road and into the northeast corner of Weir Park. This project will also replace a large section of the culvert that runs underneath Weir Road in order to remove a “hump” in the pipe which causes tailwater to form upstream of the crossing, flooding the adjacent roadway intersection.

2013 Recycling Sustainability Report

Rain, Snow Sleet or Shine, Aston’s dedicated sanitation team and environmentally conscientious citizens are making a difference in the environment and to Aston’s bottom line.

Aston Township’s Weekly Single Stream Recycling Program is paying dividends for Township residents. While the amount of trash that has been collected and disposed at the landfill has declined, the amount of material recycled by residents has increased. During the past two years, Township residents have recycled more than 500 tons of trash. Since the weekly Recycling Program began in 2011, Township residents have recycled more than 500 tons of trash!