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Land Development Projects Update – June 25, 2018


As reported during the Board of Commissioners Meeting on Wednesday, June 20, 2019, the following is a land development update: Lanni/820 Tryens Road LLC:  Developer has made application to construct five single family residential units in the R2 Medium Density Residential District at 820 Tryens Road in the Third Ward.  This parcel of land is 1.792 acres.  The district requires a minimum of 10,000 square feet per unit.  The individual units range from 12,433 SF to 16,116 SF and all five units will have driveways fronting on Tryens Road.  This development is permitted by right in the R2 District. Grace Real [...]

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June 20, 2018 Commissioner’s Meeting


Did you miss the live broadcast of the Aston Township Commissioners meeting on Aston TV? No problem, you may view this and previous  BOC meetings online by visiting our video archive or Board of Commissioners page. This meeting will also re-broadcast on Aston TV (Comcast Channel 5, Verizon Cable 45) on Tuesday beginning at 4pm.

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Traffic Calming Policy


Aston Township Traffic Calming policy May 29, 2014 INTRODUCTION This Traffic Calming Policy reflects the commitment of AstonTownship to address a wide range of community goals and objectives, which include transportation mobility, efficiency and safety.  While our community strives to be more sustainable and livable, a comprehensive traffic calming program will help harmonize transportation mobility with other community values. […]

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