Aston Township, Delaware County PA

StreetScape Initiative

Aston Township StreetScape Initiative

Aston Township StreetScape Initiative

The Aston Township StreetScape Project is about to get underway along a 0.8-mile stretch of Pennell Road (SR 0452) between Concord Road (SR 3007) and Duttons Mill Road (SR 3020).  The work will include sidewalk and curb ramp installation/improvements, pedestrian level lighting, landscaping, and landscaped center medians.  The improvements will contribute to increased mass transit ridership and economic development by creating a pedestrian-friendly environment and  connecting a variety of land uses including residential, commercial, office, institutional and recreational.  The improvements implemented along Pennell Road will serve as guidelines to implement similar improvements along Concord Road and Duttons Mill Road as future projects.

The Township was awarded a $1 million grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) which it received last fall.

StreetScape Phase 1


Aston was successful in obtaining a $1 million grant from the state to begin Phase 1 of the Aston Streetscape Program.


The first phase of the project will be on Pennell Road from Dutton’s Mill Road to Five (5) Points (shown in green). Subsequent phases shown in yellow, will be on Concord Road from Five (5) Points to Dutton’s Mill Road and on Dutton’s Mill Road from Pennell Road to Concord Road.


This graphic illustrates the existing conditions on Pennell Road in front of the Municipal Building, looking south. Note the lack of street trees, streetlights and the landscaped center median.


The streetscape improvements in this area will include street trees, a center landscaped median, and pedestrian level street lights.


Here is a rendered view of the proposed StreetScape improvements to a section of Pennell Road in front of the Township Building looking south.


Ornamental pedestrian level streetlights will be installed along the length of the project.


Street furniture such as benches and trash receptacles will also be included in the project.


Construction on the first phase of the project will begin this summer with the installation of ornamental traffic signal poles at the following intersections:

Pennell Road and Lehr Boulevard; Pennell Road and Weir/Marianville Road; Pennell Road & Hall Road.
The remaining work will begin in the fall with completion scheduled for 2016.