Aston Township, Delaware County PA


The time to plan for an emergency is before it happens, not after it occurs. Planning and knowing what to do will make it easier for you and your family if an emergency occurs. Know what to have in your head, in your home and on hand. “Ready. Or Not?” recommends families prepare their own emergency plans and establish preset meeting places and contact strategies in case such matters become necessary. Be ready to shelter in place. Be ready to evacuate.A detailed plan has been prepared by Delaware County and the municipalities within the county to help ensure a safe and coordinated public response to both a natural disaster or man-made emergency. It is important to respond quickly but calmly when notified that protective actions are to be taken.

Emergency preparedness information is important. Please read and refer to it when necessary. The information should be made familiar to all members of the family or household.

Delaware County Council offers “Delco Alert,” a community warning system that notifies residents of a major crisis or emergency. Use the “Delco Alert” link for information and to register for the ReadyNotifyPA system. For more information regarding the DELCO Alert Program, download their informational brochure

Delaware County Council and the Delaware County Office of Emergency Management work to ensure the highest level of safety and emergency preparedness for County residents. The County maintains preparedness plans that address emergencies ranging from natural disasters to industrial accidents to a terrorist attack.

Visit the county’s Ready DELCO Emergency Preparedness site