Aston Township Vision PlanAt the March 19, 2014 Aston Township Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Board voted in favor of of contracting Simone Collins, PC to develop a Vision Plan For Aston.

Soon after, The Aston Vision Plan Committee, a group of  22 local volunteers was formed. The group began by evaluating previous plans and with the assistance of Simone Collins developed a market assessment of opportunities  that exist in the community. Later a series of community outreach events including multiple public meetings were conducted to solicit ideas from residents and business owners in the community. Finally, a community vision for both tangible and intangible assets aimed at enhancing economic development and quality of life in the community emerged.

In September the Aston Township Board of Commissioners adopted a final version of the Aston Township Vision Plan.

Implementation Committee

The Board of Commissioners is seeking volunteers to assist the Township engineer and administration to prepare amendments to the Aston Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Sub-Division Land Development that will form the frame work for the implementation of the Aston Vision Plan. (See the scope of work)

It is anticipated that the initial phase of the work will begin in March and that the final documents would be considered by the Board of Commissioners at the end of 2015.

The Board of Commissioners will appoint a volunteer committee at their meeting on February 18th. [read more…]

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