Mulching of Leaves

Leaf mulching is a great alternative to bagged leaf collection offered by the Township. By mulching and can save time and money! It is recommended that you have a mulching mower, but it can be done by simply running over your leaves with your standard lawnmower. Mulching the leaves prevents them from harming your lawn, where whole leaves tend to pack down and prevent the escape of moisture which could cause the formation of mold and disease and prevent healthy lawn growth next season.

While mulched leaves have been said to not hurt the lawn they can be harmful to some plants and should not be used to mulch roses or perennials. Mulched leaves can be very helpful for evergreen trees and shrubs. It is recommended that a pile at least two to three inches thick be placed around the tree or shrub. Here are some tips that will help you in your mulching.

Helpful Tips for Mulching

  • While mulching mowers are preferred because of special deck and/or blade designs, almost any rotary mower will work.
  • Sharpen the mower blades. This reduces the wear on the mower. A professional can help.
  • Leave the mower set at the same height as you have been mowing the turf.
  • Mulch the leaves when they are dry. It’s much easier and causes less wear on the mower.
  • Slow movement with mower will grind the leaves finer. It may take up to three or four passes to grind the leaves fine enough.
  • Don’t try to mulch too many leaves at once. It can damage your mower, injure you, or create mulch with less-than-optimal sized particles.
  • Inspect and clean your air filter.
  • Pulverized leaves will settle into the turf within a day or two, particularly if you’re mulching is followed by rain. It is best if the leaves are mowed regularly.