The Aston Township Public Works Department will make weekly residential  trash collections according to the following daily schedule. Please refer to the comprehensive Aston Township Online Calendar or our Holiday Trash Collection Schedule for special collections and schedule adjustments.

Trash & Recycling Rules & Regulations

Trash and Single Stream Recycling will be collected EVERY WEEK on your normal trash day as indicated below.  (The recycling collection, at the curbside, is mandated by PA under Act 101.)

  • ALL garbage and trash must be properly wrapped or bagged for collection.
  • ALL cans or bags shall be placed at the curb prior to 6:00am on your scheduled day.
  • ALL shrubbery and clippings must be tied in bundles and no longer than three feet (3′) in length.
  • ALL leaves must be bagged in paper bags.  NO plastic bags filled with leaves will be collected.

Daily Trash & Single Stream Recycling Collection Route

(Street names listed alphabetically by collection day)



Ashbrooke Lane, Aspen Road, Aston Mills Road, Birney Highway, Bodley Road, Caroline Drive, Central Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Christopher Lane, Convent Road, Cork Lane, Cory Lane, Country Lane, County Claire Lane, Crozerville Road, Diamond Street, Dogwood Lane, Dougherty Lane, Drayton Road, Drew Lane, Dublin Way (East & West), Dudonis Lane, Edwards Lane, Ellston Road, Elm Avenue, Erb Drive, Ford Avenue, Franciscan Way, Glendale Boulevard, Gordonville Road, Grace Lane, Herald Square, Hickory Avenue, Highgrove Lane, Highpoint Lane, Hill Avenue, Hill Street, Hillcrest Lane, Kelly Drive, Kildare Lane, Legion Road, Liam Drive, Malloy Avenue, Maple Avenue, Maple Lane, McLaughlin Drive, Mount Road, New Road, Oak Avenue, Oakhurst Avenue, Pennell Road (5-Points to Mount Road), Peters Lane (East), Poplar Avenue, Red Hill Road, Roberta Drive, Sean Lane, Sickles Drive, Springhill Road, Upton Road, and Woodcrest Avenue.


Cherry Tree Road, Cathy Lane, Connie Lane, Frazer Lane, Giles Lane, Jennifer Lane, Rohach Road, Schick Road, Scott Lane, Snyder Lane, Moser Street, Arbor Lane, Clearview Lane, Crestview Lane, Highwoods Drive, Hillside Lane, Overlook Drive, Summit Circle, Gerald Drive, Tuscany Road, Wickersham Lane, Bancroft Drive, Darwin Circle, Richard Road, Heatherton Drive, Surrey Lane, Cisco Lane, Gettysburg Drive, Latches Lane and North Lamp Post Lane.


Knowlton Road, Carriage Lane, Concord Road (Pennell Road to Bethel Line), Tryens Road, Sunnybank Lane, Bridle Path, Colonial Way, Penns Court, Ellston Road (Northleigh Development), Worth Hill Lane, Brakel Lane, Kevin Lane, North Manor Drive, South Manor Drive, Old Pennell Road, Allen Dale Lane, Greenbriar Place, Robinhood Lane, Valley Green Drive, Sherwood Lane, Village Drive, Garden Lane, School House Lane, Virginia Lane, Bunting Lane, Green Lane, Mildred Lane, Neeld Lane, Rosalie Lane, Seward Lane, Sheridan Lane, Thomas Road, Aston Court, Evans Way, Hunters Run, Jessica Way, Nathaniel Circle, Venuti Drive, Phillips Circle.


Weir Road, Goodale Drive, Longbotham Drive, Anvil Road, Blackthorn Lane, Cobblestone Lane, Hearthside Road, Glenn Road, Lamp Post Lane, Weathervane Road, Williams Drive, Woodbrook Way, Hidden Valley Road, Montgomery Lane, Morgan Road, Pennell Road (Upper Chichester Line to Five Points), Donnelly Avenue, Marianville Road, Radon Drive, Butt Lane, Edgar Avenue, Hall Drive, Scheivert Avenue, Shubrook Lane, Stella Lane, Tillman Lane, Vinsmith Avenue, Woodside Place, Bonsall Avenue, Blair Place, Raymond Avenue, and Concord Road (Bridgewater Road to Five Points.


Dutton Mill Road, Ridge Road, Florence Avenue, Herald Place, Hurford Place, Mercer Place, Norman Street, Pancoast Avenue, Scarlet Avenue, Crystle Road, Miriam Avenue, Patterson Road, Pierce Road, Roberts Road, Ronald Road, Rosemont Avenue, Wellington Road, Joanne Drive, McCracken Circle, Harrison Avenue, Park Lane, Stuart Lane, Bridgewater Road, Baldwin Run Drive, North Bent Lane, South Bent Lane, East Chester Drive, West Chester Drive, North Lee Lane, South Lee Lane, South Springhouse Lane, North Springhouse Lane, Kristine Way, Mercedes Drive, Romaine Way, Beatrice Lane, Judy Way, Dorothy Way.