BINGO Presented By The Friends of The Aston Library


Come out to the Aston Township Community Center on Saturday, October 22, 2022 from 6pm to 9pm, doors open at 4:30pm.  Admission is $25 and all prizes are cash prizes.  In addition, there will be special games, food, bingo supplies and raffles.   All proceeds go to the Aston Township Library, we look forward to seeing everyone there! Sponsored by Friends of Aston Library. No alcohol permitted on premises & no one under 18 will be admitted.

BINGO Presented By The Friends of The Aston Library2022-09-28T14:51:06-04:00

Red Hill Road. Acquisition Presentation


At the Board of Commissioners meeting on September 21, 2022 a presentation was given by Commissioner Dougherty in regards to the ongoing acquisition of 43 acres of land from the Sisters of Saint Francis.  The presentation can be found here, it will show the project from beginning to its current status as well as the funding contributions from grants as well as other contributors. As Commissioner Dougherty stated last night, we are very happy the Sisters reached out to the Township in regards to acquiring the property.  If it had been sold to a private buyer the possibility of conserving this [...]

Red Hill Road. Acquisition Presentation2022-09-22T12:59:18-04:00

Request for “Quiet Zone” for Lenni Rd. Train


It has been brought to the attention of the Township that there were social media posts regarding the request for a "Quiet Zone" implementation at the new rail line that crosses Lenni Road. Unfortunately, this request cannot be approved and will not be brought to SEPTA by Aston Township as the horns are required by both the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) as well as by SEPTA to sound at crossings.  These horns are not only blown for the safety of those crossing the line by vehicle or foot but also those operating and riding the train.  Trains do not have the [...]

Request for “Quiet Zone” for Lenni Rd. Train2022-09-20T13:39:54-04:00

3rd Annual Halloween Decorating Contest


Aston Township's Parks and Recreation Committee will be holding their 3rd Annual Halloween House Decorating Contest!  Judging of houses will take place the week of October 17th through October 28th, make sure you are ready!  Decorate your house, yard, garage, anywhere that is outside on your property.  Get spooky, be creative and most importantly have fun! Prizes will be distributed to the winners by a member of the Parks and Recreation Committee once judging is completed.   

3rd Annual Halloween Decorating Contest2022-09-13T15:16:13-04:00

Sewer Authority Repair Work Being Completed


The specific work is part of the Delcora I&I removal project that is being done in our service area.  This project is part of the renegotiated contract that we settled as part of the Aqua purchase of Delcora.  There are sewer line repairs (including grouting, slip lining and open trench repairs) that will be happening over the next six months or so.  All sewer repairs that are taking place are within the Authority's sewer easements, some of which are located on resident's properties.  The contractors involved are AJ Jurich (open trench repairs) and Standard Pipe Services (grouting and slip lining repairs).  [...]

Sewer Authority Repair Work Being Completed2022-08-18T08:53:29-04:00

Community Center Pickelball/Basketball Schedule Update


As some of you may know the Aston Township Community Center is currently hosting Pickleball and Basketball for Aston residents. The following schedule will be followed from June 20th through July 29th, we thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Have a happy and wonderful summer!!! STARTING SEPTEMBER 6TH THROUGH NOVEMBER 23RD. MONDAY,  9A-5P TUESDAY, 9A -12P & 3P-5P WEDNESDAY, 12P-5P THURSDAY, 12P-5P FRIDAYS, 9A-4P.  WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:  9/16 - 9A-12P 10/21 - 9A-12P 10/28 - 9A-12P 11/4 - 9A-12P CLOSED THE FOLLOWING DAYS: 9/22, 10/27, 11/8, 11/17. PARTICIPANTS MUST BE 18 & OVER [...]

Community Center Pickelball/Basketball Schedule Update2022-09-14T08:42:52-04:00

Peco Subcontractor – Miller Pipeline Completing Meter Changes


Miller Pipeline has been in contact with Aston Township to let us know they will be doing subcontractor work for Peco.  Miller Pipeline will be contacting Peco customers in the near future to schedule appointments to replace their gas meters as well as the bar the meters are mounted on. If you have any questions regarding the work that will be completed, please contact Peco customer service at 800-494-4000.

Peco Subcontractor – Miller Pipeline Completing Meter Changes2022-07-25T11:39:41-04:00

Court Halts Delaware County Board of Health Inspections Until Ruling


April 22, 2022 As you may know, Aston Township, along with seven (7) other Delaware County communities, has initiated legal action to prevent the newly formed Delaware County Board of Health from performing certain functions provided by the Township’s own Health Department. Despite the pending legal challenge, representatives from the County have started inspections in our Township. Please note that in an Order dated April 21, 2022, the Court has granted the Township’s petition to prohibit the Delaware County Board of Health from conducting any environmental health inspections and/or licensing any food or beverage retail establishments, food stores, public or parochial [...]

Court Halts Delaware County Board of Health Inspections Until Ruling2022-04-22T13:44:58-04:00

Aston Township Application for Licenses and Scheduled Inspections for 2022


You may have heard that Delaware County established a Delaware County Health Department. While their intent may be admirable, their proposed application of services to Aston Township may be far from what our Residents and Business community expect.

Aston Township Application for Licenses and Scheduled Inspections for 20222022-07-25T22:11:06-04:00
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