Monthly Archives: March 2014

Road work on Pennell Road


Sunoco has announced that they will begin doing the repair work on the existing pipeline in Pennell Rd beginning on the evening Sunday March 30, 2014.  Penndot has given Sunoco the necessary permits to do the work. The work will be in the evening 6:00 pm to 6:00 am daily. Expect traffic delays during these hour. We are expecting the contractor to maintain traffic control at all times.

Road work on Pennell Road2014-03-27T14:35:57-04:00

DCIU Update


(update 3/11/14) At the request of the Aston Township Board of Commissioners, the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (the “DCIU”) held a public meeting on February 4th during which time they received a significant amount of constructive feedback that caused the DCIU to request a continuance of the February 19th Conditional Use Hearing to afford the DCIU ample opportunity for review and consideration. At this time, the DCIU has again requested continuance of the Conditional Use Hearing previously scheduled for Wednesday, March 19th and all related matters. This will allow the DCIU additional time to review and consider the information received from the [...]

DCIU Update2014-07-17T12:19:04-04:00

Pothole Patrol


Thank you for being a concerned citizen! Help us help you by reporting a roadway maintenance request using the form below.  The Aston Township Public Works Department is committed to providing a timely response to your request. Our goal is to remedy the situation within 24 to 48 hours then follow up with an email when the repair has been completed.

Pothole Patrol2014-03-03T12:09:41-05:00

Aston TV Programming Change


Comcast customers within the Aston township may have noticed that the Comcast channel line up has been adjusted.  As a result of this adjustment the Aston TV government access broadcast for Comcast customers has been relocated from channel 10 to Channel 5. Remember to check the new Aston TV location on Comcast channel 5 or the website for community information and important community and emergency notifications.

Aston TV Programming Change2014-03-03T11:12:19-05:00