Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Attention All Aston Businesses!!!

The Aston Township Board of Commissioners announced at the June meeting that they will be running a trial program to allow banner and flag advertising for businesses in the community. Over the next three months business owners will be allowed to select one week to advertise via banners and flags for their business. The idea is that this will give business owners enough time to plan when they will want to have a major advertising push. Some examples of this are, a new product roll out, an end of the season sale, a back to school sale, a major event coming to town, etc… To start your seven days of banner and flag advertising you will need to contact the Aston Township Code Department at (610) 494-1636 Option 2. They will mark down the dates you will be running your advertisement and set up a reminder to come out and check that all banners and flags have been removed when your week is over. Please remember to keep all banners and flags professional in nature, in good repair, and out of the right away.