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Message from Road Foreman Russ Palmore

Snow-plowAs we get deeper into the winter months the removal of snow from our sidewalks and streets become more and more of a priority.  Aston Township has prided itself for many years in having a top notch dedicated Public Works Department that go out no matter what conditions are thrown in front of them.  They are out working hard while most of us are sleeping.  It is during those waking hours, however, that we must do our part.  It is imperative that individuals remove the snow and create a safe walkway on all sidewalks.  For best results individuals should shovel often and not let the snow pile up too high.  If you live in a Cul – De – Sac please make sure your vehicles are not blocking the ability of the plow trucks to turn around.  During a storm it is also important that you stay off of the road unless necessary.  Unnecessary road traffic creates a hazard for our drivers and you.  Finally we ask that you please work together with your neighbors to relocate assist the elderly and individuals who are not capable of shoveling.

Aston Township Times – December

Aston Times 2013Stay in touch with your community, read the Township Times!

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Historical Society Speaker


The Aston Township Historical Society will host Nancy Webster, Delaware County historian and professor, on Thursday September12th at 7 PM at the Aston Township Building on Pennell Road. She will kick off the year’s celebration of Aston’s 325th anniversary as a township with a  talk on the early settlement of “Ashton” and what daily life was like here for the first generation of settlers. Did they pay taxes? Were there Native Americans here? What activities occupied those first families? Nancy herself is a descendant of the Dutton family, whose early home is in Aston and whose name is on a prominent local road .   Ms. Webster has taught at Neumann and Drexel Universities and currently teaches at Swarthmore College. Come hear the former regional planner describe the life of the very first Astonians! Free and open to the public.

Mosquito Spraying 9/19

The PA Department of Environmental Protection’s West Nile Virus control program will conduct an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) mosquito adulticide spray in portions of Aston Township, Brookhaven Borough, Chester Heights Borough, Chester Township and Upland Borough in Delaware County.  Residential and recreational areas within this treatment area will be sprayed to control adult mosquitoes.  This is a result of high trap counts and the identification of positive mosquito pools in the area.

Operations will take place in the evening hours of Thursday, September 19, 2013 provided that weather and environmental conditions remain suitable for the operation.  If weather conditions or other unexpected events cancel or delay this spray operation, then a rain date is scheduled for the following night.  The PA Department of Environmental Protection will perform the work using truck mounted spraying equipment with the business license BU2626 visible on the equipment.  The product used will be Duet applied at a rate of 1.23 ounces per acre.  This product is designed to provide quick knockdown and effective control of adult mosquitoes.  Treatment will commence at approximately 20:00 and conclude by 23:00 hours.

The below links have more information about the spraying:

September History Celebration

Please join your fellow Delaware County residents and participate in the upcoming Delaware County Council History Celebration. There are three events that will happen in the month of September featuring the historical spots throughout the county. The flyer can be found here Delco History Month Flyer . We’ll see you there!


Aston Township Lioness Camp

“Programs like this enhance the lives of everyone involved,” was how Janet DeAngelis explained her and others long running involvement in the Frank Staus Day Camp for the Blind sponsored by the Aston Township Lionesses. Each year at the end of July, early August, the Lionesses have put on the camp with the help of the Lions, Leos, and the grand children of the more senior members. The Camp originally held on the grounds that are now occupied by Sun Studios eventually moved to its current home the banquet hall in the American Legion 926. The camp is available to blind residents all throughout Delaware County at a cost of $20.00 for the week and the transportation back and forth each day is provided by Pennsylvania Association for the Blind.

Each day the campers are treated to an educational program, entertainment, and a wide menu of food options. Trivia games, a flea market, crafts, bingo, a pizza day, and a BBQ sponsored and prepared by the Aston Lions Club are just some of the things campers do while attending. Mrs. DeAngelis would like to thank everyone who takes part and helps make this camp such a great week.


Lioness Camp

Lioness Camp 2

Aston Township Citizen of the Year


Do you know someone extraordinary here in Aston? Do you know anyone that has done something great for the township in the past year? If so, Aston Township is now accepting nominations for Aston’s 2013 Outstanding Citizen Award. You can find the application here , 2013 Outstanding Citizen of the Year, to nominate the resident that you think deserves this award. All applications must be turned in by August 30th and nominees must be Aston citizens. Good luck to all involved! 

Car Theft Prevention

 The Aston Police Department is always looking out for their residents, and with the recent spike in car theft, they would like to remind you to be careful. During the upcoming Holiday period there is likely to be more incidents of break-ins. Police Chief Dan Ruggieri has some tips to make sure that you do not become a victim of an auto break-in:


–          Make sure to always keep your car locked, no matter when or where you park.

–          Keep everything in the car out of plain sight, especially anything valuable.

–          Remove any valuable items you may have, if you can.

–          If you must keep your valuable items in your car, keep them in a locked trunk.

Aston Township Pool Safety


The heat of summer is here which means Aston pools are being used more now than any other time of the year. The Aston Code Department wants to make sure everyone is using their pools as safely and responsibly as possible. When the pool is not in use, you should make sure that all surrounding gates are closed. Another important tip is to make sure all of your ladders are in the locked position when nobody is using the pool. Perhaps the most essential detail to pay attention to is the quality of the water that is in the pool. Pool owners need to make sure that the water is properly treated, so it does not become stagnant. When pool water is not treated the correct way it creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus.  Even small pools (under 24 inches) that go in your yard should have the water changed frequently so that the water does not become stagnant.  So make sure you are careful with taking care of your pool this summer, and most importantly, have fun!

Mosquito Spraying Set for Delaware County on July 30

The Department of Environmental Protection will apply treatments the evening of Tuesday, July 30 in portions of Aston and Chester townships as well as Brookhaven Borough, Delaware County, to control adult mosquito populations. In the event of rain, the spraying will be rescheduled for Wednesday, July 31. Read more

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