Snow-plowAs we get deeper into the winter months the removal of snow from our sidewalks and streets become more and more of a priority.  Aston Township has prided itself for many years in having a top notch dedicated Public Works Department that go out no matter what conditions are thrown in front of them.  They are out working hard while most of us are sleeping.  It is during those waking hours, however, that we must do our part.  It is imperative that individuals remove the snow and create a safe walkway on all sidewalks.  For best results individuals should shovel often and not let the snow pile up too high.  If you live in a Cul – De – Sac please make sure your vehicles are not blocking the ability of the plow trucks to turn around.  During a storm it is also important that you stay off of the road unless necessary.  Unnecessary road traffic creates a hazard for our drivers and you.  Finally we ask that you please work together with your neighbors to relocate assist the elderly and individuals who are not capable of shoveling.