Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Commissioner’s Statement Regarding DCIU

Aston-Seal-2014The residents of Aston Township, especially the adjacent neighbors, have expressed their views on the proposed expansion at the Delaware County Technical School. Your comments have come across loud and clear. We respect your views, comments and concerns and take them very seriously.

Our job as Commissioners is to serve the residents and make decisions that are beneficial to them and Aston Township. Most decisions are easy while some are difficult. We have to weigh the perceived benefit verses the estimated expense when making decisions on what is best for our community. Sometimes the best course of action is to hire a professional with a specialized background for consultation when making these decisions.

The situation involving the proposed expansion at the Delaware County Technical School site in Aston has gotten out of control before even being formally presented to the Board. The residents were given an opportunity by the Delaware County Intermediate Unit to hear about their plans. Many issues were raised about traffic, safety, size of buildings, geothermal energy and the overall impact on adjacent residents. The issues and concerns brought to the attention of the DCIU by our residents need to be answered clearly and accurately. However, the Aston Board of Commissioners still have not been formally presented with the final plans for the expansion of the Aston Campus.

In order for the Board to be better prepared to make an informed decision on the zoning and other issues raised by the expansion plans we have hired Donaghue & Labrum, LLP, experienced land use attorneys, to review all the details of the plan and advise the Board.

Based upon the findings of our attorneys and comments we receive from our residents, we will be better prepared to resolve the many issues presented by the proposed expansion. We understand the impact our decision will have on the residents, the Township, the children and the teachers employed by the IU alike. We are prepared to do what is best for our residents and Aston Township. This will include legal avenues available to the Township, namely, litigation in the Court of Common Pleas and the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. We will educate ourselves, and will not hesitate to pursue the course of action necessary to ensure that all concerned parties are well served by our decision.

James M. Stigale, President
On Behalf of the Aston Township Board of Commissioners
May 21, 2014