April 22, 2022

As you may know, Aston Township, along with seven (7) other Delaware County communities, has initiated legal action to prevent the newly formed Delaware County Board of Health from performing certain functions provided by the Township’s own Health Department. Despite the pending legal challenge, representatives from the County have started inspections in our Township.

Please note that in an Order dated April 21, 2022, the Court has granted the Township’s petition to prohibit the Delaware County Board of Health from conducting any environmental health inspections and/or licensing any food or beverage retail establishments, food stores, public or parochial schools and public swimming pools in Aston Township.

Until the Court has made a ruling as to whether or not the County’s Board of Health has the authority to override the Township’s Board of Health, they have no authority in Aston Township. Therefore, if a representative from the Delaware County Board of Health contacts your business in order to perform an inspection, please call the Code Department 610-494-1636 (ext. 2) or police department 610-497-2633.