Aston Township, Delaware County PA

D. J. Maloney 2015 St. James HS Wall of Honor Recipient

D. J. Maloney, St. James 2015 Wall Of Honor recipient

D. J. Maloney, St. James 2015 Wall Of Honor recipient

Aston resident D. J. Maloney received the 2015 St. James High School Alumni Association “Wall of Honor” Award from the Alumni Association’s 11th annual alumni inductee recognition dinner on October 2nd. The award is presented to outstanding alumni who, through professional development, community service, and  humanitarianism, exemplify the values of the spirit of its alumni.

Maloney attended St. Joseph’s Elementary then St. James and holds an  Master of Fine Arts in theatre direction. While at St. James, Maloney won the “Most Active Senior” and perfect attendance award. Later,  Maloney joined the Alumni Association, was a contributing editor to its newsletter, and became a “Knight” in the Alumni. Mr Maloney was a NYC theatre professional, musical director/pianist, along with several years of university professorships in Theatre. From 2006 to 2014,  Maloney put a career on hold to return home to Aston and served as [his] Mother’s 24/7 caregiver until her passing in 2014.

Maloney’s parents moved to Aston in 1957 (his boyhood home) and now his residence.