Aston Township, Delaware County PA

DCIU Statement – Commissioner’s Meeting 7/16/2014

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Visit:  BOC Special Review – DCIU Expansion page
for full project summary.

Aston-Seal-2014During the Board of Commissioners Meeting on May 21, 2014, President Stigale advised our residents that we still had not been formally presented with final plans for expansion of The Aston Campus of the Delaware County Technical School. As of today, July 16, 2014, we still have not been presented with final plans.

We have however, been advised by the attorney for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, Vincent B. Mancini & Associates,that the DCIU’s Engineer is in the process of amending revised plans submitted to the Township on February 4, 2014. These plans have not been reviewed because in February,2014, the DCIU requested that we pause all land development activities.

Mr. Mancini has requested a Conditional Use Hearing be held either the week of September 15th or September 22nd. We have not yet selected a date for the Conditional Use Hearing. However, I can tell you the hearing will not be held the same night as the September 17, 2014, Board of Commissioners Meeting. We have also requested that the amended plans be submitted as soon as possible so the Township and County Planning Agencies and the Township Engineer will have an opportunity to review them well in advance of the Conditional Use Hearing. Upon completion of the Township Engineer’s plan review, the New Construction Committee will also meet to review the plans.

We will advertise all of the public meeting dates and meeting locations in the Delaware County Daily Times, on the Public Access Channels and on the Township Web Site. The adjacent residents will also be advised of the Conditional Use hearing in accordance with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

Mike Higgins, VIce President
On Behalf of the Aston Township Board of Commissioners
July 16,2014