We are happy to report that Aston Township made settlement on Thursday, November 30, 2023 on 45 acres of open space located at Red Hill Rd.
Some may remember my presentation at the September 2022 Board of Commissioners meeting where I provided the details of this purchase.  A link to that presentation is provided below. At the time we reported that 43 acres were to be purchased. An updated survey showed that the parcel in question is actually 45 acres.
The property is located between Red Hill Road and Convent Road. The Township will have a formal ribbon cutting in the spring once the weather warms up.
I’d like to thank the following for their unwavering support:
1) The Sisters of St. Francis
2) The Aston Township Board of Commissioners
3) Township manager Bill Defeo
4) Asst. Township manager Kelly Pippin
5) Township solicitors Beth Naughton Beck and Mike Maddren
6) Township engineer Joe Viscuso
7) State Rep. Leanne Krueger
8) State Senator John Kane
9) And last but not least, Robyn Jeney at Natural Lands. Thanks for guiding us through this process. We couldn’t have done it without you.
10) PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
11) Delaware County
11) PA Department of Community and Economic Development