Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Storm Recovery Assistance – Special Branch Collection

A special notice about branch collection.

Post-Storm Clean Up Assistance – Special Branch Pickup
Public Works department will be making rounds with a wood chipper that can accommodate branches of up to 6″ in diameter to assist with clean up. Please orient the butt end of the branches toward the street. Service will continue through the month of July until all material is collected according to the following schedule:

(Schedule Revised: 7/19/2015 6:20pm)

July 20th to July 24th
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s Trash Routes

As of July 17th work crews are a week ahead of the original schedule for branch pick-up.
All branch curb side pick-up will be completed by July 24th.

Any other branches can be scheduled for pick-up the week of August 17th to the 21st on the regular scheduled trash day.

What Should Be Discarded After A Power Outage?

As soon as power return CHECK TEMPERATURES. Then use this chart to see what should be disgarded and what can be kept.