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Aston Township Special Needs Playground Receives $300,000 Boost from Energy Transfer

Smiles in the Playground Project Leaps Closer to Reality

ASTON, Pa. — Aston Township announced today (July 1, 2019) that it will move forward with building an accessible and inclusive playground this year thanks in large part to a $300,000 funding commitment from Energy Transfer.

Aston Commissioner Carol Graham and her daughter Kit Spayd, the visionaries behind the Smiles in the Playground project, began this dream in 2006 with a goal of providing a handicap-accessible playground for children ages 1-12 in Aston Township. The theme of the park is to inspire children in the community to try things that they thought were outside of their range of capabilities and empower them to overcome obstacles.

Spayd stated, “Although we have received some donations and commitments from private residents, the cost related to developing and equipping the playground has been a huge hurdle.”

“We are truly grateful for the leadership and partnership that Energy Transfer has provided to make our handicap-accessible park a reality,” Aston Township Commission President Jim Stigale said. “The company that moves America’s energy is now energizing our kids to interact socially so that no one is left on the sidelines.”

Commissioner Carol Graham added, “I’m proud to see a private business such as Energy Transfer appreciate and invest in the communities that they are a part of every day. This is a wonderful example of a company being a great neighbor.”

Aston Township is working with its engineers and vendors to finalize the plans for the playground, which will be located at the Aston Community Center property. The township will provide more information on the development as plans move forward.

“All children deserve to experience the joy that a community playground brings and the friendships that are made,” said Joseph McGinn, Energy Transfer vice president of public affairs and government relations. “As a resident of Aston Township myself, I’m proud that Energy Transfer — which moves the energy products used to make playground equipment — has made this commitment that will enable the township to move ahead with this great initiative. The community will be able to enjoy this playground for generations to come.”

About Aston Township

Aston, PA was first settled in 1682 as a municipality and was incorporated as a township in 1688. In 1906 it became a first class township. Prior to 1687, Aston was known as Northley. Edward Carter, who was the constable of the township, changed the name from Northley to Aston in remembrance of his old home in Oxfordshire, England. Today, Aston covers approximately seven square miles, with a population of about 15,000. For more information on the Smiles in the Playground project, visit 

About Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) owns and operates one of the largest and most diversified portfolios of energy assets in the United States, with a strategic footprint in all of the major domestic production basins. ET is a publicly traded limited partnership with core operations that include complementary natural gas midstream, intrastate and interstate transportation and storage assets; crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and refined product transportation and terminalling assets; NGL fractionation; and various acquisition and marketing assets. ET, through its ownership of Energy Transfer Operating, L.P., also owns Lake Charles LNG Company, as well as the general partner interests, the incentive distribution rights and 28.5 million common units of Sunoco LP (NYSE: SUN), and the general partner interests and 39.7 million common units of USA Compression Partners, LP (NYSE: USAC). For more information, visit the Energy Transfer website at



Installation of Lights at Weir Park

The Township has received the voting ballots that were to be sent back by March 11th in regards to lights being installed on the Majors field at Weir Park.  After calculating the ballots it has been decided by the residents votes that the lighting project has passed.  The second round of the project will be to design where the lights will be placed, cost of purchasing and also exploring funding options.

If you should have any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact Commissioner Fred Prendergast at 610-497-1389.

Green Light Go Traffic Signal Improvement Grant on Pennell Road and Concord Road

The work currently under way on Pennell Road is being handled through PennDOT as a Green Light Go 50% Match Grant.  The project includes the following intersections on Pennell Road – Glendale Boulevard, Knowlton Road, Lehr Boulevard, Marianville/Weir, Hall Drive, Dutton’s Mill (& Lamp Post Lane), and Springbrook Boulevard.  Additionally, the following Concord Road intersections will be included – Aston Mills & Convent Roads, Lehr Boulevard, Dutton’s Mill Road, Pancoast Avenue, and Bridgewater Road. Read more

Traffic Calming Policy


Aston Township Traffic Calming policy May 29, 2014
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This Traffic Calming Policy reflects the commitment of AstonTownship to address a wide range of community goals and objectives, which include transportation mobility, efficiency and safety.  While our community strives to be more sustainable and livable, a comprehensive traffic calming program will help harmonize transportation mobility with other community values.

Read more

2018 General Obligation Notes

At the monthly Commissioners meeting on Wednesday January 17, 2018, an ordinance was passed for the 2018 General Obligation Notes. The proposed expenditures represent the Township’s vision over the next three (3) to five (5) years. While the amount of the General Obligation Notes, 2018 Series is $12,000,000, this will fund the next phase of the Vision Plan. Below please find Ordinance No. 975 which further describes the Notes and also a more thorough description of what it will be used for.

2018 General Obligation Notes & Expenditure Explanation

A Letter From Aston Township Fire Marshal Tom Morgan

linda-laneAston Township has new signs on major roads as you enter our town that say “A Community that Cares”. Late Tuesday evening, November 15, 2016, and in the days that followed, we personified that little public relations snippet more than you can imagine.  Let me tell you about it.

At 11:17pm the Aston Township Fire Department was dispatched to the area of Linda Lane and Birney Highway for a building fire. 27 Aston volunteer firefighters left their home and answered the alarm.  10 mutual aid fire departments, 3 EMS and 6 police units also responded.  Our community cares. Read more

Township Awarded $164,000 Grant from PA Dept. Conservation and Natural Resources

Aston-Seal-2014At the February 17, 2016 Board Of Commissioners meeting the board announced that Aston Township received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in the amount of $164,000 to renovate Vinsmith Park.

This grant is contingent on a 50% match which will be provided in part from cash and in part from the volunteer efforts of the Boy Scout Troop 225 and donations from local businesses.

Chester – Ridley – Crum Watershed Survey

The Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association is conducting a survey of nearby residents. The Aston Township Board of Commissioners would like to invite local residents to participate in this process. This five-minute survey about water help our town and the Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association design future educational messages and programs. Your responses are anonymous unless you choose to provide an email address at the end of the survey.

Parks & Recreation Steering Committee Submits Master Plan Recommendations

In early 2015 the Board of Commissioners established a volunteer committee to assist the Township engineer and administration in preparing a Township Parks Master Plan. On October 13, 2015 the committee submitted a draft of it’s proposed Township Parks & Recreation Plan. The plan will be presented to the public at the regular BOC meeting on Wednesday October 21st. A pubic hearing will be held on November 18 after which the Board will consider adopting the plan.

Aston Township – Roundabouts

concord&donnellyThe Board of Commissioners is very much aware of the traffic issues and concerns along Concord Road, especially at the intersections of Concord Road and Donnelly Avenue and at Concord Road and MacInyre Drive.  Until recently, the only option available was to install a traffic signal at each location.  In 2014, the Township Engineer suggested that a recent change in PennDOT policy may in fact address most, if not all, of the traffic concerns at these intersections and this portion of Concord Road.  After studying the design and operation of roundabouts for a number of years, PennDOT has established a policy in favor of constructing a roundabout in lieu of installing a traffic signal. PennDOT has determined that roundabouts offer improved safety over other at-grade intersection forms because roundabouts have fewer conflict points, slower speeds, and easier decision making. When comparing a roundabout to a signal, studies show that roundabouts provide a 90% reduction in fatal crashes, 75% reduction in injury crashes, 30-40% reduction in pedestrian crashes, and 10% reduction in bicycle crashes.  Roundabouts improve pedestrian safety offering two simple crossings of one-way traffic moving at much slower speeds. Read more

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