Aston Township, Delaware County PA

Green Light Go Traffic Signal Improvement Grant on Pennell Road and Concord Road

The work currently under way on Pennell Road is being handled through PennDOT as a Green Light Go 50% Match Grant.  The project includes the following intersections on Pennell Road – Glendale Boulevard, Knowlton Road, Lehr Boulevard, Marianville/Weir, Hall Drive, Dutton’s Mill (& Lamp Post Lane), and Springbrook Boulevard.  Additionally, the following Concord Road intersections will be included – Aston Mills & Convent Roads, Lehr Boulevard, Dutton’s Mill Road, Pancoast Avenue, and Bridgewater Road.

At selected intersections, the contractor will be improving pedestrian access, pedestrian signal actuation, and crosswalk visibility. They will be installing ADA compliant ramps, LED countdown pedestrian signal heads, push buttons, and high visibility ladder style crosswalks at deficient intersections. They will update outdated ADA ramps and LED pedestrian signals, covert current crosswalks to ladder style, pavement markings, and replace and relocate missing or frequently knocked down signs. All new video detection will be placed on mast arms.

Under this grant, the Township will contribute a mandated $132,102 to the total project cost of $264,204.  The is a short-term inconvenience to traffic along both state highways, but a long-term safety improvement, especially for pedestrian traffic along both state highways.