Aston Township Seal - 80x80At the December 19, 2018 Aston Township Commissioner’s Meeting the Board approved the 2019 Aston Township Final Budget.
This final budget supersedes the preliminary budget adopted by the Board of Commissioners on November 20, 2018.

Download 2019 Final Budget:

2019 Budget Summary Presentation |  2019 Detailed Budget – Approved

The format of the proposed budget is a significant departure from prior years budgets in that it provides the 2019 budget in the framework of a multi-year budget.  This multi-year framework provides the Board and the public with information on the future impact of decisions that are proposed to be made in 2019.  The budget is also structured with a number of different funds
to provide the Board and the public with easy to understand information.

The 2019 final budget is a balanced budget that covers the existing police contract and the three (3) percent increase for the administration and public works staff.  This also covers the debt service for a new firehouse, public works facility, the purchase of a sanitation truck and one (1) police vehicle.  With the 2015 merger of both Aston Township firehouses, an agreement was put into place to construct a new firehouse.  After many meetings and discussions, it was decided that the existing building located at 2900 Dutton Mill Road., would be used and expanded upon.

In order to fulfill the needs of all of these departments, there will be a mileage increase of 1.0 mils and a sanitation fund increase of twenty (20) dollars per household due to the increase of solid waste and recycling disposal.

Below are the total expenses for the following departments:

Administration: $ 1,001,838.55

Police: $6,503,753.14.26

Public Works: $1,311,206.75

A residential home assessed at $91,880.00 in 2019 taxes will be $783.82, in 2018 they were $671.83 with a difference of $111.99.  A residential home assessed at $118,470.00 in 2019 taxes will be $935.28, in 2018 they were $796.81 with a difference of $138.47.