Contractors and First Responders are contacted by Sunoco to educate them about the pipelines in their community. The Mariner Emergency Response Outreach Program is in place to meet with emergency responders in all Counties Sunoco passes through to train them on the products they transport. Firefighters, police, EMS, and emergency management personnel have all been offered classroom training, orientations and site visits to their pump stations. Pipeline awareness and emergency response training is offered annually on a regional basis across the Commonwealth

Sunoco has in place the emergency response plans required by Federal and State regulatory agencies and have teams trained to respond immediately. In case of an emergency, local emergency dispatch centers would be notified, and Sunoco would work in coordination with local first responders to determine protective measures such as neighborhood notification or evacuation Evacuation can only be ordered by government agencies.

Evacuation routes for the Township are already in place with the County. (See map)

Delaware County Major Emergency Evacuation Routes Delaware County Major Emergency Evacuation Routes