On February 13, 2017, PA DEP approved and issued the permits to Sunoco Pipeline for the PA Pipeline Project/Mariner East 2 pipeline project. Ther permits include a Chapter 105 permit (Water Obstruction and Encroachment) for each County as well as a Chapter 102 (Erosion and Sediment Control) permit for each DEP region the project crosses.

According to page 2, 4(c) of the executed Road Use and Excess Maintenance Agreement between Sunoco Pipeline L.P. and Aston Township, “Sunoco shall secure any and all additional approvals, permits, and/or private easements required to install its pipeline(s) and/or to othervise proceed with its project prior to proceeding with any construction within the Municipality’s statutory right of ways and/or under or through any Municipality Roads”.

In reference to Noise Ordinances in other Township’s and how it will be handled, there is nothing to be found in reference to that. It would be assumed they would have to follow the individual Noise Ordinances already in place with the individual Municipality’s.