Middletown Township held a two hour debate on their residents request that the Township consider hiring an outside agency to perform a quantitative risk assessment of the project. At this meeting, Tim Boyce, Delaware County’s new director of Emergency Services and Management was in attendance. Boyce told Middletown Council and Residents they are in the process of developing a study of their own, one focusing on pipeline safety. The County formed a committee which includes input from Sunoco Logistics Boyce has presented his plan to Aston, asked Middletown Council to join and plans to visit Edgemont and Upper Chichester.

The County will not be asking for any fuhding, just input so funds can be allocated toward the emergency plan and first responders. Middletown Council did vote to spend $44,500 to have an outside company (Quest Consultants of Norman, Oklahoma) come do a quantitative risk assessment of the Mariner East 2 plan. The money to pay for the study will not come out of tax payer’s pockets, it will come from the $1.8 ‘million the-‘Township received from Sunoco Logistics for the necessary easements and right of ways. Council will also set aside $100,000 for the risk analysis.