The specific work is part of the Delcora I&I removal project that is being done in our service area.  This project is part of the renegotiated contract that we settled as part of the Aqua purchase of Delcora.  There are sewer line repairs (including grouting, slip lining and open trench repairs) that will be happening over the next six months or so.  All sewer repairs that are taking place are within the Authority’s sewer easements, some of which are located on resident’s properties. 

The contractors involved are AJ Jurich (open trench repairs) and Standard Pipe Services (grouting and slip lining repairs).  Standard Pipe Services is the awarded contractor on this project and Jurich is their subcontractor.  Standard Pipe Services leaves notices on resident doors prior to starting work in their area (a copy of the notice can be found by clicking here).

If there are any further questions regarding the work being completed, please reach out to the Delaware County Municipal Authority’s Administrator Cecelia Nelson at 610-494-1335.

A list of locations to be repaired can also be found here.