This committee has appointed commissioners and residents that oversee the operation of the Board of Health relative to the inspection, regulation and licensing of public eating and drinking places and businesses involved with the sales and/or manufacturing of food and beverage products, as well as, the abatement and removal of nuisances prejudicial to public health such as filth, vermin, rodents, sickness or unsanitary conditions under the code found to exist on any private or public property in the Township.

Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serve five-year terms without compensation.

This board typically meets on the first Thursday in March, June, September & December at 7:00pm in the 2nd Floor Township Meeting Room, 5021 Pennell Road Aston, Pa. 19014.


Commissioner Nancy Bowden – Chair

  • Dr. William Cohen, Health Officer (Term expires 2021)
  • Michelle Fanelli Deputy Health Officer (Term expires 2021)
  • Jennifer Mancini (2nd Ward – Term expires 12/31/2024)
  • Kristen Evans (4th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2024)
  • John Zwiercan (7th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2021)
  • Philip Ewaka (5th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2020)
  • Kevin Tinsley (6th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2023)

Agendas & Meeting Minutes



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