Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serve four-year terms without compensation.

This meeting is generally held the third Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center/Library


Liaison to Aston Public Library: Nancy Bowden

  • Stephen Sarazin Library Director
  • Madelyn Bush, President (4th Ward – Term expires 06/15/2024)
  • Harry Hill, Vice President (4th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2026)
  • Marianne Leagans, Secretary (5th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2026)
  • Kristine Leary, Treasurer (1st Ward – Term expires 12/31/2025)
  • Glenna Carroll (7th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2025)
  • Gina Ruggieri (2nd Ward – Term expires 12/31/2026)
  • Bernadette Zeleznick (5th Ward – Term expires 12/31/2024)

Agendas & Meeting Minutes



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